The Board of Trustees Facilities Update

The Board of Trustees Facilities Update  

May 22, 2016


During the January meeting of the Board of Trustees, we realized what a busy year we would have and made it a goal to keep you, the congregation, aware of projects and improvements to our campus facilities.

  • In the children’s building, a quiet room has been created.   A child can become over stimulated when in a large group or loud environment.  In this room, the child will have a space to regroup, regain its composure and return to the group.  During our discussion of the project, we found that families are driving an hour or more to attend a church with this type of service.  We are so proud that we now can better meet the needs of children with sensory issues.

Also the second floor hallway and stairwell to that floor are scheduled to receive fresh paint.

  • Five adult classrooms and adjoining hall have been painted and three have been refurnished.  The ladies restroom in that area has been remodeled.
  • Kitchen walls are being prepped for a new surface that will be easier to clean and maintain.
  • Safety screen room divider will be installed during the summer in Yancey Hall, making an area for recreation while other activity is happening in dining area.  The divider will retract to ceiling when not in use.
  • Plaster in the sanctuary will be repaired sometime this year.  This may cause a little difficult but just for a short time.
  • New signage will be installed inside and outside to help new comers and visitors find their way around our complex campus.  May even help members!
  • A 16 passenger 2015 van has been added to the church vehicle fleet.

These projects are possible because you give to this church through your tithes and gifts.  Some projects are being funded by special gifts above annual giving and by estate bequeathments.

For 180 years, since 1836, this church has been in ministry to our town.  It has only been possible because of a congregation that adheres to God’s commands and listens to and is lead by the Holy Spirit.

It is easy to give thanks to God for a beautiful day, spiritual or physical healing, or our children.  But it is hard for humans to hold a paycheck and say” Thanks be to God”. But we know all things come from Him.  Let our prayer be that our gifts and the acts of giving are pleasing to Him.

The Board of Trustees thanks you for your stewardship that makes it possible for us to maintain and improve Searcy FUMC.  Thank you for caring about the mission of connecting the unconnected and carrying on the 180 year service of this church by having facilities ready to do God’s work.  THANK YOU.

Kathy Throckmorton

BOT chair