Building Program Update

Building Program Update

Progress is being made on our projected Building Program. You can't see the progress, but the architects at RoarkPerkinsPerryYelvington are within 10 days of having the constructions drawings completed. Our Building Committee is meeting this week with the architects to detail some items and keep the project moving forward. The goal is to have the architects' documents ready to be put out for bids by the end of September. Our contractor is HartCone Construction, Searcy. We are using a construction management process for this building. That means HartCone will use multiple sub-contractors on the project while providing oversight to each sub-contractor and the total project. It will take a week or two to get all of the sub-contractor bids completed and in the hands of the contractor for evaluation and selection; putting us to mid-October.

The Discipline requires we present all of our final documents and findings to the District Board on Church Locations and Building. We are working, now, to set that meeting. It is a good thing to have the oversight of the District. We are working to have this necessary meeting in a timely fashion and not have our project slowed down.

 The final decision rests with the Searcy 1st congregation. We will conduct a Church Conference in October (exact date is not available yet) where every member will have voice and vote. The full architectural drawings, along with the final budget developed by the contractor will be presented. The current status of the Cornerstone Capital Campaign (pledges and giving) will be provided. After full examination of all information, the Church Conference will make a prayerful and faithful decision.

This entire project is deserving of your prayers and your support. We are addressing current and future needs of the congregation. This is not a casual undertaking, but an intentional, strategic project that will bless our congregation and community for generations to come.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the Cornerstone Capital Campaign, this proposed building project and the ongoing ministries of Searcy First United Methodist Church. You are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!