Children's Sabbath Sunday

Sunday, October 8th is Children's Sabbath.

We will celebrate this special Sunday as we recocgnize and honor our children.


All Children are invited to sing in both services. Please have them wear church clothes and meet Ms. Amy in the choir room at 8:10 a.m. They will sing at the beginning of the 2nd service and if they need to slip out early we can make that arrangement. For the 2nd service, the students will be seated together at the front of the sanctuary at 10:40 a.m. If they are in Sunday School, they will be escorted over to the Sanctuary. After they sing, they will join their families and sit with  them. They will practice the songs at CONNECTION this week and before the services. Please allow your child to join in this fun and joyful experience.

3rd Grade Bible Presentation!

It is a United Methodist Church tradition to present Bibles to all 3rd grade students. This will take place at both services. Your 3rd grader will not want to miss this special presentation. Please let Ms. Catherine which service your student plans to attend, and if you haven't already, please let her know the name you would like personalized for their Bible. Contact her at (501) 268-5896 or

Worship and Sunday School!

Children will be included and celebrated in both worship services and during Sunday School for Children's Sabbath Sunday. 

We hope to see you all Sunday, Oct. 8.