Church Conference Called Session

Church Conference, Called Session

Sunday, March 11, 2018; 12:00 Noon

Searcy FUMC Sanctuary


Reverend J.J. Galloway, Northeast District Superintendent, will be present to preside at the Church Conference. Every member of FUMC has voice and vote at the Church Conference. Every member is urged to be present.

The purpose of the Church Conference is to act on a motion from our Building Committee to endorse the proposed building project to demolish the Adult Education Building (a.k.a. the '47 Building) and erect a new two story structure to replace it; and, to repurpose Pyeatt Chapel as a multi-purpose space for fellowship and worship. This is a first vote, not a final vote. Should the Church Conference vote to endorse the current plans, we are not ready to build. A positive vote moves us further down the road toward construction, but no construction will happen now.

A positive vote to endorse the current plans would be followed by a second motion to approve a capital stewardship campaign to underwrite the costs of a building program. The Church Council has contracted with Horizons Stewardship Company to lead a capital campaign. Organizational groundwork has begun for a possible campaign. The Church Conference is the authorizing body that decides to conduct or not conduct a capital campaign.

The vote to conduct a capital campaign will obligate our church to pay Horizons' fee and other costs associated with conducting a campaign. No other financial obligations are being asked of this Church Conference. 

Should the votes be to proceed with current plans and a capital campaign, we will conduct a future Church Conference at the conclusion of the capital campaign to assess if we have raised sufficient funds (through gifts and pledges) for our church to begin construction. 

Should the Church Conference vote to not endorse the current building plan, the Church Conference will be adjourned and the capital campaign motion would not be made. 

This is an important meeting for Searcy First United Methodist Church. We want every member informed and in attendance. This is a Church decision that is worthy of everyone's earnest prayers and faithful participation. Our Long Range Planning Committee has worked for a number of years developing plans for our church's campus and ministries. In December of 2016, our annual Charge Conference elected a Building Committee and charged them with the responsibility of developing a building plan to replace the '47 Building. You have received information on the plans developed by the Building Committee and have seen the design drawings and information posted around the church for the past four months. The Church Conference this Sunday is the next step for us to take. 

Be in prayer. Be present. If you have questions, please contact the church office (268-5896) and we will answer or help find an answer for your questions. 

God is doing good and great things through Searcy 1st. Praise be to God!

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