Congregational Care Ministers

At Searcy First United Methodist Church we have a unique model for the congregational care needs of our church. This model is based on the Congregational Care Ministry model of The United Church of the Resurrection at Leawood, Kansas. Congregational Care Ministry is a one-on-one care model that seeks to provide spiritual care to those in need.


Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs) are trained lay caregivers that offer caring ministry under the supervision of our Associate Pastor and the CCM leadership. CCMs are a "safe place" for the people of Searcy First to share hurts, joys, and concerns. Each CCM has received extensive training as a good listener and spiritual care provider that can offer short-term (less than one year) confidential spiritual nurture.

CCM Leaders

 CCM leaders are trained CCMs that offer ministry by leading various segments of Congregational Care Ministry with the Associate Pastor.

Connection Group Leaders

Connection Group Leaders are trained leaders in each worship venue that help make sure the persons in their seating sections feel welcome, connected, and cared for in the life of Searcy First. Each Connection Group Leader reports to a CCM Leader to aid in offering care to all who worship at Searcy First.

For more information or to initiate a confidential CCM referral, please contact our Associate Pastor, the Rev. Bill Sardin at 501-268-5896.