It is time for Tony to feed a new flock and it is time for us to embrace new beginnings.

Dear Congregation,

Change is rarely easy and generally not embraced by the majority. Many will say it is inevitable. Some will say it comes at a price. It is a verb and yet it is a noun. It is a force that overcomes the inertia that is our day to day life. It forces us from our comfort zones into the new and many times better places. It brings on new beginnings. As Christ sprang from the grave, a new world order and vision of life was given to all of us. As part of that new birth we were given but one order –FEED MY SHEEP.
With all of that being said, we bring to the congregation a word of change. The Bishop has come to Brother Tony Griffin with a request that he move. As a minister of the Gospel and a member of the Arkansas Annual Conference, Tony is accepting the change in appointment to a new mission field. On July 1 Tony Griffin will assume the role of senior pastor for the Highland Valley United Methodist Church in Little Rock. Many, if not most of us, have known that this day was coming soon, but knowing and accepting are certainly two different truths. We are praying for Tony, Tracy, Addison, Will, and Lainey as they move to their new mission field, but we know that Highland Valley’s congregation will love them the way our congregation has learned to love the Griffin’s.

It is time for Tony to feed a new flock and it is time for us to embrace new beginnings.
The Bishop and his Cabinet will give their best efforts and energies, now, to appointing the next Associate Pastor to Searcy First UMC. The SPRC is involved in building the profile for the Associate we need. Your prayers and support are coveted as this process moves forward. We will take the time and give the work needed to secure the Associate that is the right fit for our congregation and the mission God is directing us to fulfill.
Our love and gratitude are given without reservation to Reverend Tony, Tracey, Addison, Will and Lainey Griffin. God is at work in the Griffin’s lives; and, God is at work in the life of Searcy FUMC. Keeping our eyes on the Lord and our hands on the plow, together we work for the Harvest.
Grace and Peace,
Will Rippey, SPRC Chair
Rev. David Orr, Senior Pastor