Methodism 101

So, what is the deal with all these committees?  What is an Annual Conference?  Who is this John Wesley fellow and why is he so important?  What do we believe as Methodists?  If you have ever asked any of these questions, then we have a course for you!  Methodism 101 will meet for six weeks beginning Wednesday, September 2 at 6:15 pm.

Pastor Bill Sardin and seminary student Shawn Gustin, will lead this class.  Shawn is also serving as this year’s Confirmation teacher.  Since Methodism 101 will cover many of the same topics as Confirmation, so Shawn’s presence will be an added bonus to the class.

Methodism 101 won’t be a class just for people new to the United Methodist Church, it is also a great way for lifelong United Methodists to brush up or even discover more about who we are as Methodists.  During the six week study participants will discover that the United Methodist Church has a very rich history and a strong belief system that still makes room for a variety of theological perspectives.

Topics that will be covered and discussed include: UM History; Theology & Beliefs; Organization & Governance; and Present & Future Challenges for the Church.  Both Bill and Shawn will strive to make this an engaging and interesting study.  We hope you plan to join them every Wednesday between September 2 and October 7.  This class will be followed by a six-week discussion group on United Methodist Social Principals.

Call Brother Bill Sardin to register for this class, 268-5896.