Ms. Kim Houser

Ms. Kim Houser

Communications and Administrative Coordinator

Kim became Communications and Administrative Coordinator at Searcy First in October 2013.  She is responsible for developing communication stategies that help advance the church's effort to reach church and community through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. These strategies include publications, web marketing, social media, and media outreach. Her role as a storyteller is to share the story of our church - through the its ministries, programs, opportunities, people and their faith. Working closely with our Pastors to communicate and to share the vision of our church continues to be a primary function she carries to help everyone see as clearly as possible what God is calling our church to be and do. It has been her job to help our congregation receive important information and share the Christian message with each other and the community. Kim enjoys the freedom to be creative in this role, to explore new things and ways to communicate, and she looks forward to the challenges given to her. This position has offered her the opportunity to identify communication needs and to ask the questions needed to effectively connect people. We know that our church is all about relationships. She feels it's her job to build and strengthen those relationships by employing the communication tools and techniques to focus on creating community. 

Prior to the communications position, she was a children's pastor for twelve years where she ministered to children and their families both in Florida and in Arkansas. 

Kim has four children, Kali of Searcy, Caleb of Florida, Elijah and Lola Faith both of Searcy. She also has an amazing grand-daughter, Eva!

Kim loves to spend time with friends and family. She loves music, the outdoors and star gazing! You can often walk by her office and hear the beautiful sound of music and laughter. Please stop by and share your story with her!