Amy's Resignation

To The Searcy First UMC Family:

The following letter was received in December from Amy Tate. It was a mutual decision to wait until after the Christmas season to share an official word with the congregation. We are all blessed in ways we can never adequately express through the service, talent, faith and commitment Amy has lived-out in our midst. I know everyone in the church will find their own way to express personal appreciation and support to Amy and the Tate family:

Dear Brother David and SPRC,

I came to Searcy First in September, 2004, trusting God’s calling to a church 2 states away from my family.  I have never doubted that call and am so thankful for the past 13 years.  This church has loved and supported me as my family grew, and grew, and I will forever love and cherish my time here.   That is why it is so hard to let you know I will be resigning my position as Minister of Music, effective in May of 2018.  Neal will begin a new job in Jonesboro in January and will commute until the end of the school year, at which time the kids and I will join him.  I am committed to leading the Peru Mission Team and with your blessing would like to continue working on this trip.

Thank you for your support of me and the Music Ministry.  I will be in prayer for the next steps you will take and ask that you pray for us as we take our next steps as a family.

In His Love,

Amy Tate

The Staff Parish Relations Committee will soon begin the work of securing the right successor as Director of Music Ministries for Searcy FUMC. We are all in this together; and together, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will move forward to fulfill the call of God upon our church.

Searcy First United Methodist Church loves the Tate Family: Amy, Neal, Jack, William, Julia and Henry. God bless you, one and all!!