A Service of Light & Hope

For many of us the holidays are times of joy but of grief and loss. As the rest of the world bustles around shopping, smiling and singing carols, your heart breaks. It is very easy to feel forgotten and isolated  during the holidays. Your church has not forgotten you.

You are invited to join your church family, Sunday, December 18, for a Community Christmas Meal at 5:00 pm and A Service of Light and Hope at 6:30 pm in Pyeatt Chapel. For many Christmas and the days leading up can feel dark and hopeless. Searcy First United Methodist Church joins you in your pain but would also remind you of the light and hope that comes through Jesus Christ.

This Service of Light and Hope does not ask you to hide your pain and loss in this Season but instead invites you to acknowledge it. In acknowledging our pain and loss we can also turn them over to Christ.  This service will include hymns, lighting candles in remembrance, and words of hope as well as Holy Communion. If you or someone you know is struggling with the holiday season, it is our prayer that you will join us for A Service of Light and Hope on Sunday, December 18 at 6:30 pm in Pyeatt Chapel.


Event Venue: 
Pyeatt Chapel