Thank You

The called session of the Church Conference unanimously approved the proposed building plans for Searcy 1st on Sunday, November 4, 2018. The motion to proceed was presented on behalf of the Building Committee by Dewey Shanks, Chair. The unanimous vote was followed by a motion to authorize the Trustees to enter into a building loan with First Security Bank. The vote on taking out the building loan was a unanimous yes.

A team of some 16 men with trucks and trailers began moving furniture and equipment out of the '47 Building Sunday at 2:00 p.m. to be stored at the nearby former "Lazar Tag" building on Race St. The '47 Building will not be used any longer. Sunday School classes have been relocated (many thanks to Catherine Vest and the Children's Ministry; and, Shane Staton and the Youth Ministry, for moving around and making spaces available in the Children and Youth Building for several adult classes to be temporarily relocated; and, the Choir has graciously made space available for another class to meet in the former robing room).

Today began the process of getting contracts signed with the General Contractor, HartCone Construction of Searcy, and then their process of signing contracts with the winning sub-contractors. The asbestos abatement will be the first item to be accomplished before demolition can happen. That abatement requires a notice of 10 days before work can commence; so that clock will soon begin.

This is a huge day for Searcy 1st!

Thank You, Building Committee, for getting us this far!

Thank You, Board of Trustees, for getting us this far!

Thank You, Cornerstone Capital Stewardship Campaign Team, for getting us this far!

Thank You, District Superintendent and Trustees, for getting us this far!

Thank You, each member of Searcy 1st, for your part in getting us this far!

And, all of these thanks pale in comparison to the thanks we owe to Christ, our Lord, for getting us this far!

Praise be to God! Hallelujah! Amen!

Brother David