Thank You

Dear Searcy 1st,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Janie and I had a blast on Sunday afternoon with the grand parade as you drove by to say your farewell's. We felt (feel) loved and honored far beyond description. Thank you, Buck Gibson and SPRC for putting this together! Thank you, volunteers, for baking the cookies, and putting everything together! Thank you, Church, for the joy and love you brought to us by coming out on a hot afternoon to share some memories and encouragements.

The gift of the anthem, I Once Was Lost, written by Sonja Poorman, and presented by the Chancel Choir and put together by Lauren Lawson and Dr. Tish Davenport, was stunning, beautiful, powerful and most humbling. Also, the framed artwork is wonderful and a very lovely keepsake. Thank you!

The cards and letters and emails and texts and calls and conversations we have received over the past few weeks have served to confirm what we knew: You are a great church! Getting to serve with you for these past eight years has enriched our lives and deepened our relationship with Christ. Thank you for touching and enriching our lives.

You are in great hands with Brother Jesse and the church staff for the remainder of June. You will be well served by Reverend Jeff Jackson and Lyn on July 1. Better than all of those outstanding servants, you will be empowered by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. You are in the very best of hands – the very best.

Janie and I look forward to hearing great things about the way the Lord is working in and through you, Searcy 1st! We will hold you in our prayers and in our sincere affections. Thank you, again, for being our church family these years.

Grace be with you,

Rev. David and Janie Orr