United Methodist Women

Searcy First has a rich history of active United Methodist Women (UMW). Not only do we have an active UMW, but we have various ways women can connect in ministry and growth at Searcy First including Sunday school, small groups, service projects and women's retreat. To learn more about women's ministry at Searcy First contact Dana Dix at danadix634@ymail.com for more information.


President: Dana Dix

Vice President: Jackie Bordelon

Secretary: Karen Millar

Treasurer: Barbara Wilson


January 2                             Rotary Club Luncheon                                    12:00PM

January 9                             Rotary Club Luncheon                                    12:00PM

January 11                           Executive Meeting                                          9:00AM

                                           Refreshments                                                 10:00AM

                                           General Meeting                                             10:30AM

                                           Program: Barbara Wilson

January 13                           Officers’ Training                                           10:00AM

January 21                           Town Meeting                                                  2:30PM

January 28                           UMW Sunday                                                    8:30AM


February 8                          Executive Meeting                                            9:00AM

                                          Refreshments                                                   10:00AM

                                          General Meeting                                               10:30AM

                                          Program: Mikel Causey                 

February 11                        Black History Celebration                                  3:00PM

March 7                              CHOW                                                               5:00PM

March 8                              Executive Meeting                                             9:00AM

                                          Refreshments                                                  10:00AM

                                          General Meeting                                              10:30AM

                                          Program: Marlene Cothern

April 7                                Spring Meeting – Mountain Home           

April 12                              Executive Meeting                                            9:00AM

                                           Refreshments                                                 10:00AM

                                           General Meeting                                             10:30AM

Program: Dana Dix: Membership, Nurture, and Outreach World Thank Offering

November 10                       Annual Soup Luncheon and Bake Sale

November 26                       Hanging of Greens (snack supper for volunteers)

December 14                       Salad Luncheon and Christmas Program          11:30 A.M.

                                           Hostesses:  Executive Board

May 10                                 Executive Meeting                                           9:00AM

                                            Refreshments                                                 10:00AM

                                            General Meeting                                             10:30AM

August 9                              Ladies’ Luncheon                                           11:30AM

September 13                      Executive Meeting                                           9:00AM

                                            Refreshments                                                 10:00AM

                                            General Meeing                                              10:30AM

                                            Program: Dawn Gabelhausen


September 22                    District Conference                                        

                                         Saint Paul United Methodist Church


October 11                          Executive Meeting                                           9:00AM

                                           Refreshments                                                  10:00AM

                                           General Meeting                                              10:30AM

                                           Program: Shirley Baugh

October 17                          New Hope Luncheon                                       11:00AM

November 2                        Annual Soup, Cornbread and Bake Sale  

November 8                        Executive Meeting                                            9:00AM

                                           Refreshments                                                  10:00AM

                                           General Meeting                                              10:30AM

                                           World Thank Offering

November 25                     Hanging of the Greens                                      5:00PM

December 13                     Salad Luncheon                                                11:30AM