Who We Are

Welcome to the Attic 
Student Ministries!
Here at Searcy First we offer an assortment of ministry opportunities for youth and young adults through the
Attic Student Ministries! 
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For more information about youth ministries and activities, please contact our Minister to Youth and their Families,
Shane Staton at 268-5896.
Here at The Attic we believe strongly that weekly corporate worship is vital to a healthy spiritual life no matter your age. Worship in the Attic led by the youth praise band is a weekly worship experience for both youth and young adults. Below you will find more information about the Junior High and High School youth worship programs.  We are always happy to welcome energetic, enthusiastic role models to come be a part of our student ministries!
Junior High
The Attic Junior High School ministry is a place of acceptance where 7th and 8th graders can connect with God, their peers, and LifeGroup leaders committed to helping lead students closer to Jesus. In these two years, we are devoted to helping build a foundation of faith, character, and relationships.
High School

High School is exciting, trying, and at times very stressful! The Attic helps high schoolers find a safe community in which to navigate these waters and prepare for what comes next. With everything we do, we are intentional about equipping and empowering high schoolers to continue to live as discipes of Jesus through college and young adulthood. 

Mission Trips/Retreats

Throughout the year, The Attic Student Ministries participate in mission trips and retreats. We believe that serving others and spending time with other people of God are the best ways to understand the life to which Christ is calling us to live. Local, state-side, and international missions as well as spring and fall retreats and summer camps allow our students to experience God in ways that are impossible sitting at home in front of their computers and video games.