FUMC Thrift Shop

Maribeth Kessler FUMC Thrift Shop Missions 

The Maribeth Kessler FUMC Thrift Shop Missions (our Thrift Shop ministry) has been in operation for over 25 years. It began in a little white house across from the church on Center St known as the O'Guin home.

 A thrift shop dependant on donations from church members and the community with all volunteer workers was started by Mrs. Kathryn Guthrie. Her vision was for all proceeds to go to provide for the church's various missions.  Several dedicated ladies worked many hours to sort, clean, and mark items for resell. These included clothes, shoes, baby articles, house wares, and various odds and ends in two rooms and a work room. A move to the present location on Market St and the Yarnell home was made in the late 1990's. This expanded operations to five rooms, 2 work rooms and a storage room in the home with three outside storage units which includes a drop slot.    

 On April 23, 2002 a meeting of the volunteers nominated a six member board with a three year rotation to oversee the shop. Mrs. Marti Robinson was selected to be chairman.  At this time the shop was named in honor of Mrs. Maribeth Kessler who retired due to health at the end of 2001 after over 20 years. Maribeth was one of the first workers along with Mrs. Virginia Burkett. Dedication to the Lord, her church and missions gave Maribeth the energy to spend hours working, training, finding new workers, and handling the daily needs along with disbursement of funds. 

June 23, 2002 was recognition Sunday for Maribeth Kessler for her many years of dedication and service to the FUMC Thrift Shop. Maribeth went to be with the Lord February 4, 2003.

Many volunteers working today have given years of service to keep the Thrift Shop open. More workers are needed to take up the call of ministry and missions to continue the vision.                

What began many years ago as a small offering to help with missions is now able through hard work and dedication to give over $115,000 a year in Christian service. Thanks be to God!   

For more information about this wonderful ministry and how to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Karen Davis at 501-827-4177 or call the Thrift Store directly at 501-305-3493.