God's Little Blessings Daycare & Preschool

God's Little Blessings Daycare & Preschool program at First United Methodist Church is a state licensed and regulated childcare facility located in the Youth and Children's Building at the corner of Market and Main Streets.

The facility was designed and built with the Childcare program in mind and the first floor of the three story building houses the infant through 3 year old Daycare program and the First UMC Preschool.

To apply for employment, please go here: https://forms.gle/kwrraQTJtFZFGhF86

Most all of the children that attend the Childcare program tend to proceed to the First UMC Preschool once they reach the appropriate age.

God's Little Blessings daycare is divided into four rooms:

1. The "Infant Room" where children 6 weeks through 12 months receive very personal and loving attention from a trained and dedicated staff. The child to caretaker ratio is kept at a very comfortable and personable level, thereby affording each infant a more loving and warm environment.

2. The "Wobbler Room" where children ages one to two years "wobble" through each day experiencing fellowship, love and understanding, playtime (both inside and outside), nap time, lunch and snack times. learning times and most everything required for a youngster of this age to develop mentally and physically in a most positive manner.

3. The "Toddler Room" offers a child 18 months to two & a half years of age a structured classroom environment complete with learning stations, lots of "hands-on" arts and crafts projects, fellowship time, snacks, naps and indoors/outdoors playtime all while being in a Christian environment with emphasis on Jesus and living a Christian based life.

4. In the "Pre-Three's Room" the course of learning, fellowship and mental and physical development is expanded upon as the children reach this golden age of wonderment and exploration. With an emphasis on structured learning time as well as the fundamentals of growth and development, the children experience, through a Christian environment, the necessary learning skills that will prepare them for their journey onto Preschool.

The preschool is divided into two rooms, Pre-K3 and Pre-K4. 

All of our dedicated staff personnel are regularly trained in their associated areas to better help them acclimate to the level necessary to provide the utmost guidance and care to each and every child within our care. Thorough background checks are performed on all personnel when hired.

Our facility is regularly inspected by various agencies to assure that all aspects of the building, contents and play areas meet the stringent guidelines set forth by those agencies.

For more information about this program please contact Ms. Kim Houser at 501-268-5896 or email us: glbkids304@gmail.com

For the latest information about this program, follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gods-Little-Blessings-at-First-United-Methodist-Church-1859345587641817

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