Our Approach

More than anything we want you to "GROW in full devotion to Jesus Christ." This means setting off on the journey of Christian spiritual formation.

What do we mean by the phrase “Christian Formation”?

Christian formation seeks to form us as disciples of Jesus Christ. This means living as persons who are educated and inspired and challenged to:

  • Know and experience God through Jesus Christ
  • Claim and live God’s promises and
  • Grow and serve as Christian disciples.

This is the path to REAL LIFE!

What is Christian Formation in the United Methodist tradition?

Christian formation in the United Methodist tradition focuses on spiritual practices that help us know God better. John Wesley called these practices means of grace – in other words, ways we experience God’s grace. These are spiritual practices that deepen our relationship with God such as (for a fun video click the link to the right!):

  • Prayer
  • Study of the Scriptures
  • Worship (especially celebrating the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion)
  • Fasting or abstinence
  • Christian conferencing (edifying Christian conversation) and
  • Works of mercy (showing compassion and working for justice).