What To Wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing to church! Dress in “The Gathering” tends to be casual. Dress in our “Traditional Worship” is all over the board! The most important thing is your presence! Together we want to glorify God and to leave prepared and inspired for service in the world! 

In “Traditional Worship” our ministers tend to “vest.” That’s a fancy word that refers to the use of robes in worship by clergy! The use of robes in worship is not to honor humans, but to honor God and to help visually shape disciples for service by calling to mind certain activities in the life of discipleship. (Click the videos on this page for fun explanation of why clergy wear what they wear)!

Clergy often wear black Geneva Gowns which are often identified with the role and office of preacher. The stole (the long scarf-like cloth over the shoulders and neck of elders [those called to “Word, Sacrament, order and service”] signifies the yoke of Christ) and is keyed to the season of the church year. A stole worn over one shoulder joining at the waist is worn by deacons (a clerical order called to “Word, service, compassion, and justice”).

Clergy and other worship leaders often wear albs. An alb is a white or off-white garment that reminds us of our common call to ministry through baptism. The alb is the ancient garment of baptism.

Our minister of music, choir and other musicians often robe as well to glorify God in their role as worship leaders.